About Us

What is HOWL
HOWL brings writers, audiences and spaces together to create one-off ‘pop-up’ literary events. A HOWL happening might entail a book launch, a presentation by an author or publisher, a poetry or short-story slam, a workshop, a panel discussion etc., with the overriding theme being the primacy of the ‘word’. HOWL is a non-profit undertaking: we seek no financial remuneration for our efforts, nor do we pay writers or venues, but we will seek to give our HOWL presenters a good Siem Reap welcome. 

Our Inspiration . . .
Our name is spurred by one of the great poems of the twentieth century, ‘Howl’ by Allen Ginsberg, a work whose words, verses and imagery threw open the possibilities for how we write, speak and publish. Our title is also inspired by the notion that it is the writer’s role to ‘howl wildly’, to use words to fashion sentences, lines and verses that embolden minds, broaden imaginations and shine lights into the corners of human existence. 

We Need You
Without writers, venues and an audience HOWL is just an idea,
so if you would like to be part of a HOWL event as a writer, a venue or facilitator please contact our administrator through the contact link on this site.