Welcome to our first blog

I must admit they I have always had a certain suspicion of blogs. The idea, implicit in the act, that what I write is important enough to unleash on the unsuspecting world. Or, alternatively, the exercise of having to constantly update—to write new posts, to be relevant (and what about the need for editorial prowess)—all things that take time and goodness knows there never seems to be enough of that.

But, then again, there just seems to be so many things—projects, initiatives, workshops etc.—devoted to the power, the craft, the share wonder of words and the possibilities that they offer that the time seemed right. Further, with the challenges facing the planet, from climate change and environment degradation, through to the notions of freedom, respect and dignity there appears a need, more than ever, to promote ‘words’ as a means for shining light on those things that are good, while revealing, in the corners where it often lurks, those things that are not.

Meanwhile, since its inception in the middle 2018, HOWL has been about the collectively, so there is no need for one person to write all the words. Thus this endeavour will be a shared undertaking – the democratic and inclusive output of the HOWL collective. Come and join us today and help us to celebrate the ‘word’.