Terms and Conditions 

1. The submitter of the piece must be its author / creator.

2. We accept non-fiction and fiction, poetry, photo-essays (with accompanying word commentary), and other word forms subject to HOWL approval. 

3. The work must be considered to be consistent with the theme of ‘Monsoon Solitaire’ as circulated on the HOWL web-site. Pieces that bear no obvious relationship to this will not be considered. We accept that this is not an exact science and will use our discretion when determining suitability. 

4. The submitter retains all authorship rights to their piece, but agrees for it to be used by HOWL for promotion purposes and for inclusion in online and print publications operated by HOWL. Any other publication will only be undertaken with the author’s approval.

5. Only TWO submissions per person please. The submission of multiple entries above this number will see the writer voided from the competition. 

6. The submission must include the author’s real name for administrative purposes; pen names can be used for publication, but the request for this should be clearly stated. 

7. Legal ID will be required for the collection of an award (this is to ensure the award is given to the correct person and to negate the possibility of multiple submissions under assumed names).

8. All works should be:

– Submitted in English, as a Word document, Cambria, 12 pts, 1.5 line spacing, please.

– Be original and written by the submitter.

– Number no more than 1500 words, excluding title and author details (word count will be checked). Submissions underthis number are also welcomed.

– Because of time constraints HOWL are not able to edit any received work. It will be expected that all submitted entries have been edited to a high standard by the submitter. We regret that entries that do not meet this threshold will not be able to be accepted.  Howl suggests that you have a third party check your work prior to submitting.

– Entries should be respectful of Cambodia cultural and social environment, including political. 

9. Prize

  • The award of the First and Second place will be decided by the following:

– Online voting (facebook, if we can make this work)

– The number of views on the HOWL web-page.

– The decision of judge(s)

– Audience feed back at a HOWL web jam event, scheduled for December 2021, in Siem Reap, or at date chosen by the HOWL pack

  • The prize-winners will adhere to the terms and conditions of the prize as laid out in the document prepared by Song Saa Private Island (SSPI).
  • The prize CANNOT be on-sold to a third party or transferred for cash. If you are unable to use the prize within the terms set by SSPI, the prize will become void, with no compensation provided.  

10. Important Note: Audience response at a Word Jam event, scheduled for December 2021, if conditions permit, will be used to help judge this competition, with writers being asked to read from their pieces.

Submissions will still be considered for the prizes, even if a person is unable to attend, although attendance will improve likelihood of a winning place.

shortlist of the entries judged as the best received will be circulated and the authors contacted at least a month prior to the Howl word jam event, and these writers will be offered the opportunity to read from their work. The chosen authors will be expected to cover any expenses associated with their attendance at the event.

The ultimate decision of the places will rest with HOWL, and no dialogue will be entered into regard places etc.

11. Any other matters arriving from the operation and the completion of this competition will be resolved at the discretion of HOWL, with care being taken to achieve outcomes that are fair and equitable, with all decisions final.

12. In making your submission it is assumed that you have read the terms of conditions presented in this document. 

HOWL appreciates your time and interest in this competition. We apologise for the official nature of these terms and conditions, but consider them necessary in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding – they are here to help and avoid misunderstanding.

We very much look forward to your entry.

Thank you. 


5th May 2021