The end of 2019 fines Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office, the Republican Party beholden to its ex-reality star host, with the very real prospect of his re-election in November 2020.

So how, exactly, did we get here?

Tim Alberta’s 680-page tome offers some answers, situating President Trump’s rise within a wider ‘conflict of ideals’ within his own Republican Party. A confrontation that, ironically, has seen the GoP become the party of the populist blue collar worker, while giving generous tax cuts to the rich and cutting welfare to the poor.

Detailed, thought provoking and perceptive, American Carnage is the book you need to read if you wish to understand the deeper ideological forces at play in the forthcoming US primaries and presidential election.

You can read the full HOWL review, which appeared in August, by clicking on this link .