The dawn chorus takes on a special meaning for Yaeayi, a Japanese native ‘locked down’ in France.

Like ‘other / previous’ mornings since Day 1 of this ‘world-famous / worldly-shared’ lockdown, around 7am several sprightly soprano notes commence tapping my brainwaves, and then my soul is introduced gently and connected to the natural world that lies outside my window.

I fix my ‘regards / looks’ onto the infinite horizon, infused with skyblue, embracing the universe with a spirit of ‘Peace and Love’ that I have never felt before.

I defy the power of gravity on my eyelids and let my ears fill with the notes of harmony played by the precious creatures that remain free, outside, in the ‘Covid’ world.

The notes, sometimes, are like an orchestra composed with different players participating in a movement or symphony. Other times more like a soft ballad played on some plucked guitar strings.

Each night, before navigating  my feet to my cocoon, I studiously wander towards my front window, in order to slide them carefully to make just the right space. This should not be more than 5-7cm—not too wide or it will allow in the chilled dawn air—but sufficient for the morning melody to make its way inside.

This night-time ritual is a new habit, borne of this ‘lockdown’ world, but one that has become part of it, ingrained. Now nature, not my cell phone, is my morning call; entering through the window and waking me each morning. Nature now has dominion of the land and sky beyond the glass.

So tonight like other days, I am wandering past the window, and preparing to dive deep into my blanket cocoon, wondering what notes will greet me at sunrise…

A new habit, a new ‘normal’, and one which I have come to hold precious.

PyunponpiiipoooSaasaasaa….. Piyopiyo…kasakasa–♪♪♭♭♯