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OPENING: 9:30-10:30 am
Writers and Readers Festival Hub (WRF)
Venue: At the WRF Hub (Banlle, St. 26 )

Book Hub Opening: 11:00
The Writers and Readers Bookshop
Venue: Upstairs, Banlle

Session 1: 1 1:00–1:50 p.m.
On the Road: Ginsberg in Siem Reap & Other Beat Tales

With acclaimed author David S. Wills
Venue: Footprints (Upstairs)

Moderator: Iain Donnelly

Session 1A: 2:00–3:00 p.m.
Let them Eat Cake’
Cake & Coffee Session: Chance for participants to meet and share with some of the presenters at the festival
For aspiring writers, publishers, wordsters and all.(Free cake – first in, most calories)
Venue: Footprints (Upstairs)

Moderator: Wayne McCallum

Session 2: 4:00–5:00
Afterparties – Remembering Anthony Veasna So
Podcast & Readings with Kosal Khiev, Wayne McCallum
Venue: Footprints (Upstairs)

Moderator: Nisha Ven

Session 3: 7:00–9:00
Poets’ Potpourri
Kosal Khiev * Scott Bywater * Carlos Andreas Gomez (via zoom) * Dr. Howl * PP Beat’s Extraordinaire and Others
Venue: FCC courtyard.

MC: Dr. Howl

Launch of the ‘Howl’ Speakeasy 9:00
Open Mic: Verse, Wine and Rhyme
Venue: Stewart on 26 (St. 26)


Session 4: 9:30–11:30 a.m.
Creating Verse in Cambodia
Workshop for Aspirational Poets (Khmer & English). Coordinated by Slap Paka Alumni (Chheangly Yeng, Chin Meas, Say Prakchhim & Lim Dara), & Kosal Khiev.
Venue: Footprints (Upstairs)

Moderator: Chheangly Yeng

Session 5: 10:00–11:00
Book Launches l
Steven W. Palmer, Thierry de Roland Peel, David S. Wills & Benny Mailman
Venue: Banlle, Festival Bookshop

Moderator: Dr. Howl

Session 6: 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Launch of Wikipedia 2022 with Father Will Conquer
Venue: Centre for Khmer Studies

HOWL Book Bazaar: Noon–4:30
Buy, Sell & Exchange
Saturday & Sunday, Street 26

Session 7: 1:00–2:15
‘Getting the Word Out’
Writing and Publishing in Cambodia with Hok Sothik (Sipar), Nimith Chheng (GlobalStream), Chheangly Yeng, Luke Hunt, Benny Mailman, Iain Donnelly
Venue: FCC Library

Moderator: Patricia Hearst

Session 8: 2:45–3:45
Book Launches ll
Sipar Books, GlobalStream, Tep Khemarin Chan
Venue: Banlle, Festival Bookshop

Session 9: 4:00–4:45
Mekong Solitaire: A Writer’s Journey in Pictures
Wayne McCallum, Book Launch & Discussion
Venue: Centre for Khmer Studies

Session 10: 5:00–5:50
A Reporter’s Cambodia: In conversation with Sebastian Strangio (via Zoom)
Venue: Centre for Khmer Studies

Moderator: Dr. Robert Starkweather

Session 11: 6:00–7:00
Elizabeth Becker: ‘You Do Not Belong Here,’ Rewriting the Role of Women in the Media in the Vietnam War
Venue: Centre for Khmer Studies

Moderator: Theresa de Langis

Session 12: 7:30–10:00
Cambodia’s famous spoken-word open-mic soiree. All Welcome.
Venue: POMME.35-11 Sala Kamreuk Rd.

MC: Dr. Howl

‘Howl’ Speakeasy 9:00
Open Mic: Verse, Wine and Rhyme
Venue: Stewart on 26 (St. 26)


Session 13: 10:00–11:20 a.m.
Real News, Fake News & Twitter Bait
Creating a Sustainable News Platform in Modern Day Cambodia. Panel Discussion featuring Daniel Marchette, Luke Hunt, Robert Starkweather, Jessie Li & Craig Skehan
Venue: FCC Library

Session 14: 11:30–1:00
Julio A. Jeldres
In Conversation with the Official Royal Family Biographer and Author of “Norodom Sihanouk & Zhou Enlai” and “Witness to History”
Venue: FCC Library

Moderator: Aaron Carpene

HOWL Book Bazaar: Noon–4:30 p.m.
Buy, Sell & Exchange
Saturday & Sunday, Street 26

Session 15 1:30–2:45 p.m
A ‘Lonely’ Journey
In Conversation with Nick Ray, of LP Cambodia
Venue: FCC Library

Moderator: Richard Cassell

Session 16: 3:00–4:00
“Facing East: A Correspondent’s Southeast
Asia – Past, Present & Future”

Luke Hunt, Craig Skehan, David Totten
Venue: FCC Library

Moderator: Daniel Marchette

Session 17: 2:00–4:00
Spean Chivit Youth Resource Centre
Writing Workshop for Youth Reading, Sharing and Prize Giving
Venue: Footprints (upstairs)

Moderator: Sam Walker

Session 18: 4:30–5:45
Monsoon Solitaire
Readings and Prize Announcement
Venue: Bean Embassy

Session 19: 6:00–7:00
Slap Paka ‘Spotlight’: Digital & Spoken Word
Chheangly Yeng, Chin Meas, Say Prakchhim & Lim Dara)
Venue: FCC

Moderator: Chheangly Yeng

AIFA Festival 6:00–9:00
Street Party
Venue: Street 26

‘Howl’ Speakeasy: 9:00
Open Mic: Verse, Wine and Rhyme
Venue: Stewart on 26 (St. 26)