Okay, not a book, but still one of the finest sources of writing of and about the greater Mekong region in this or any other year (with the occasional foray into Japan and surrounds).

Cambodia and the region is very fortunate indeed to have the MR which, every three months ensures that fortune shines upon us, with the alighting of a new edition onto the shelves of the more discerning outlets of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Launched in November 2015, at the very first Kampot Writers and Readers Festival (Howl was there 🙂 ), then and in the years since Minh Bui Jones and his team have moved mountains and type-face to get the latest issue to us.

In 2019 its reviews and articles were augmented by some of the best reportage and analysis of the crisis engulfing Hong Kong. Perceptive, detailed and heart-felt, the Mekong Review and its sister website ‘Mekong Teahouse’, reigned supreme as sources of information and clarity on the events occurring to our north.

‘Five demands, not one less / Four editions, not one less’

Thank you Mekong Review